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Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit appeals

If you do not understand something in your notification letter please call us and we can give you a more detailed explanation.

If you think your benefit has been wrongly calculated, or that you have been told that you are not entitled but you think you should be, please contact us again (in writing) within one month of the date of the letter. Your claim can be checked again.

Once we have received your letter, we will make sure a different officer from the one who originally assessed your case will look at your claim again. We will then let you know in writing whether the original decision will stand or whether we will amend your entitlement. Always ensure the letter is signed by the person affected and say why you wish us to reconsider the decision.

If you still disagree with the decision you have the right to an appeal. The appeal will be heard by an independent Appeal Tribunal.

For further information on the appeals process please contact us on 01832 742097.