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Housing Benefit

How to make your Housing Benefit claim

To claim Housing Benefit you will need to complete a claim form.

You can get one from the Customer Service Centre, Cedar Drive, Thrapston or the Customer Service Centre, Newton Road, Rushden, by ringing the Benefits section on 01832 742097 to request a form by post or download a copy of the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit form.

We recognise that Housing Benefit is a complex area so please contact us by phone or in person for advice and help with completing the form.

All forms must be fully completed and you will need to provide documents that confirm things about you, your partner and children (if appropriate). These will include documents related to your:

  • Identity
  • National Insurance Number
  • Income
  • Capital
  • Rent payable
  • Other members of your household

Your benefit cannot be calculated until all relevant documents are received but don't let this delay sending your form in. Please note that you only have 1 calendar month to provide your supporting evidence. If there are special circumstances that mean there will be a delay in getting together your documentation please contact us to let us know.

Once all your supporting documents have been received, we aim to complete an assessment of your case within 10 working days.

Benefit is usually awarded from the Monday after the claim is received at the council offices. However, if you think that you can show that the claim could not be made earlier and you have 'good cause' for the payment to be backdated, please see section 'Backdating your Housing Benefit'.