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Evidence base and monitoring

Town Strategies

Neighbourhood Plans are made, or under preparation for all of the district’s towns, except Thrapston. Each Neighbourhood Plan sets out detailed local strategies for the relevant urban area.

The Local Plan Part 2 provides additional policies to direct and support redevelopment proposals for key brownfield/ previously developed sites within the urban areas. These “re-imagination” (redevelopment) opportunities, if not already identified in a Neighbourhood Plan, were identified through the various Plan-making workshops (2017-18), or other bespoke evidence base documents such as the Employment Land Review (Aspinall Verdi, March 2019).

Former factory site, Oakley Road, Rushden

The former factory site, Oakley Road, Rushden, is identified in the 2020 Brownfield Land Register. Further assessment of a small number of stalled brownfield sites, including the Oakley Road site has recently been undertaken, to understand the reasons why they are stalled, and the range of interventions needed in order to unlock them. Details of this assessment are set out in the Stalled Sites Technical Report

Stalled Sites Delivery Supporting Technical Report (May 2020)

Irthlingborough East

Moves to bring forward redevelopment of the brownfield former Rushden and Diamonds FC Stadium site, Nene Park, Diamond Way, Irthlingborough (Irthlingborough East) have proved to be challenging.  A bespoke evidence base has been collated to enable underpin potential redevelopment proposals for this site.