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Evidence base and monitoring

Housing Delivery

Policies relating to the outstanding strategic housing requirements for the Joint Core Strategy (policies 28/29 and Tables 4/5) are informed by the latest housing land supply (as at 1 April 2019), agreed by the Planning Policy Committee on 8 June 2020 (Item 10), and which will form the basis for the submission Local Plan Part 2.

The Local Plan Part 2 sets out additional locally specific directions regarding delivery of new housing to meet the strategic housing requirements, together with additional policy directions regarding mix and tenure and specialist housing requirements.

Strategic housing requirements

Land is already committed for the major housing development sites such as Rushden East and Tresham Garden Village (Joint Core Strategy policies 33 and 14, respectively). Housing requirements will be met by the timely delivery of Rushden East, Tresham and other major committed development sites at Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Raunds and Thrapston.  The position, as at 1 April 2019, is explained in the following background papers:

In the cases of Rushden and Oundle, additional housing site allocations are proposed in the Local Plan Part 2, in order to deliver the strategic housing land requirements for these towns.  Relevant documents relating to the site selection processes are set out below.


For Rushden, additional housing land allocations are proposed to address any potential shortfall in housing delivery arising from slippages to the delivery trajectory/ timeframes for Rushden East.  A need to allocate additional housing land was agreed by the Planning Policy Committee in autumn 2019 and this is supported by the evidence base below.


For Oundle, additional housing sites have been proposed, with a view to delivering around 300 dwellings over the remaining duration of the Local Plan period, to 2031.

Housing mix, tenure and specialist housing requirements

The Joint Core Strategy (Policy 30) sets out the overarching Local Plan policy for housing tenure, mix and affordable housing thresholds. Further studies and assessment provide the evidence base for more detailed policies regarding housing mix, tenure or specialist needs.