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Evidence base and monitoring

Social Capital

Social capital is the overarching quality of life consideration. It is about how communities function and live together. The Local Plan sets out policies relating to the historic environment and tourism, both of which are important aspects of the district’s offer.

Health and wellbeing/design

The importance of health and wellbeing as critical outcomes of sustainable development has increasingly been recognised over recent years.  The link between planning (with particular reference to design) and health is crucial to ensuring healthy, sustainable communities.  Accordingly, the Local Plan has regard to a range of recent health and wellbeing strategies, guidance, initiatives and toolkits:

Detailed guidance and information about good design is provided through various specialist Supplementary Planning Documents.  Other policies such as the Highway Authority’s Parking Standards also have implications for delivering well designed sustainable developments.

Historic environment

The Local Plan includes policy regarding both designated and non-designated heritage assets. These are supported by local strategies and evidence; e.g. Conservation Area Appraisals/ Management Plans, Neighbourhood Plans and/ or Village Design Statements.


Tourism is a priority sector for the Council, as set out in the Economic Growth, Tourism and Regeneration Strategy 2017-2020 (May 2017). This was also highlighted through the various Plan-making workshops (2017-18).

Education and training

Through the earlier draft Local Plan consultations (2017-19), the Department for Education (DfE) highlighted a particular need for a new Special Educational Needs (SEN) school, for the Wellingboroough/ Rushden area.  The DfE identified a suitable location to the East of Higham Ferrers (Chelveston Road), which it sought to promote through the Local Plan.

The new school development at Chelveston Road, east of Higham Ferrers, is being delivered in accordance with relevant Government policy; supported by an appropriate evidence base: