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Evidence base and monitoring

Natural Capital

Natural capital, or ecosystem services, refers to the world’s stock of natural assets, including geology, soil, air and biodiversity. The Local Plan sets out a range of policies, regarding both Green Infrastructure, and open space, sport and recreational facilities.

Green Infrastructure

The Joint Core Strategy (Figure 17/ Policy 19) designates a range of Green Infrastructure corridors that bisect the North Northamptonshire area. These are designated as sub-regional (e.g. Nene Valley, Harper’s Brook) and local. The Joint Core Strategy is supported by an extensive range of evidence, with the Local Plan Part 2 setting out additional district-level policy direction.

Open space, sport and recreational facilities

Policies for open space, sport and recreational facilities in the Local Plan are informed by the Open Space and Playing Pitch Strategy (KKP, April 2017), prepared by KKP in consultation with Sport England and the Town/ Parish Councils.

In the case of football pitches and associated infrastructure, the 2017 Open Space and Playing Pitch Strategy should be utilised in conjunction with the East Northamptonshire Local Football Facilities Plan (May 2020), which sets out the priorities for football capital investment in the District.

Other enhancements to sports, leisure and recreational facilities, with a view to delivering improvements to physical activity will be delivered in accordance with the Northamptonshire Physical Activity and Sport Framework 2018-2031 (Northamptonshire Sport, 2018).