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Evidence base and monitoring

Spatial Development Strategy

The Joint Core Strategy (Table 1/ Policy 11) defines an overarching spatial development strategy and settlement hierarchy. The Local Plan Part 2 sets additional local spatial detail (rural settlement hierarchy) and further direction regarding development management at the periphery of settlements (approaches to settlement boundaries) and for development in the open countryside.

Spatial development strategy/ settlement hierarchy

The rural settlement hierarchy is defined by a quantitative assessment for the sustainability of all rural settlements. This is further underpinned by local strategies; e.g. Conservation Area Appraisals/ Management Plans and/ or Neighbourhood Plans.

Settlement boundaries

Plan policies for the management of development at the periphery of settlements and beyond (i.e. open countryside) are supported by background/ policy papers. These consider the alternative policy approaches to development management at the periphery of settlements and in the open countryside, including setting local criteria to enable delivery of appropriate rural exceptions housing schemes, for which the Little Addington rural exceptions housing development is referenced below.