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Evidence base and monitoring

Delivering Sustainable Urban Extensions


The Local Plan includes two defined Sustainable Urban Extensions (SUEs); Rushden East (2,700 dwellings, employment and associated infrastructure) and Irthlingborough West (700 dwellings, employment and associated infrastructure).  These are specified in the 2016 , (Policy 33 and Annex 1 respectively), but the District-wide Local Plan Part 2 will set out more detailed policy direction regarding delivery.

Various evidence base documents have been prepared/ are under preparation to guide delivery of the two SUEs.  Key documents are highlighted below.

Rushden East

Irthlingborough West

The Irthlingborough West SUE was promoted as a smaller sustainable urban extension through the previous (2008) Core Spatial Strategy (paragraphs 3.80/ 4.31 and Policy 16). An application was submitted in 2010 (reference 10/00857/OUT), followed by a resolution to grant, subject to s106 agreement in November 2014 (Development Control Committee, 24 November 2014).  This included approval of a design/ layout masterplan for the comprehensive development.

Subsequent amendments to the approved scheme were granted in August 2015 (Planning Management Committee, 12 August 2015, Item 7).

S106 discussions are ongoing, but given the passage of time since the resolution to grant it is likely that the s106 agreement will need to be significantly renegotiated. Documents relating to Irthlingborough West (e.g. March 2013 approved masterplan) are all included within the application paperwork.