Evidence base and monitoring

Evidence Base

The Local Plan is supported by a range of evidence.  Much of this is already published and is available on the Joint Planning and Delivery Unit web page.

Evidence base documents either underpin the entire Plan, or relate specifically to individual policies or sections.  These are may be downloaded through the links below:


The Local Plan Part 2 contains a monitoring framework.  This is linked to the Council’s corporate Performance Management monitoring.  The Local Plan itself is supported by a range of more detailed specific monitoring indicators.

Annual Monitoring Report

Monitoring is a critical part of the planning process and is essential to establish what is happening now, and what may happen in the future. It provides a vital feedback loop in the cyclical process of policy making, and helps to address questions such as:

  • Are policies achieving their objectives and delivering sustainable development?
  • Have policies had unintended consequences?
  • Are the assumptions behind the policies still relevant?
  • Are targets being achieved?

Since 2005, the Council has produced an Annual Monitoring Report.  Since 2009 this, the yearly Authorities Monitoring Report (AMR), has been produced and published jointly for North Northamptonshire (Corby Borough Council, East Northamptonshire Council, Kettering Borough Council and the Borough Council of Wellingborough).

Contextual Information

To accompany the AMR, East Northamptonshire Council periodically produces a Contextual Information document which establishes the baseline position of the wider social, environmental and economic circumstances within the district. Subject areas covered include demographics, the environment, housing, employment & business, and transportation and movement.

Housing Land Supply

National planning policy requires the Council to maintain a minimum five year supply of deliverable housing land.  That is, planning permissions or other commitments sufficient to deliver housing requirements for five years ahead of the monitoring base date (1st April, each year).  The housing land supply is presented to the Planning Policy Committee each autumn and then confirmed and written up into the AMR.

Town Centre Monitoring

The current mix of uses at each of the six town centres, plus Local Centres within Rushden, is surveyed annually.  The latest data, collected in March 2019, is available as follows: