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Neighbourhood Planning

Raunds Neighbourhood Plan

Latest Stage

Neighbourhood Plan 'Made'

The Raunds Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2031 was formally adopted (‘made’) by the Planning Policy Committee on 27 November 2017.  It now forms a part of the development plan for the area (Parish of Raunds) and from hereon will be used to assist in the determination of planning applications.

'Making' of the Raunds Neighbourhood Plan is confirmed by notice, under Regulations 19-20 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, as amended:

Previous Stages


A referendum relating to the Raunds Neighbourhood Plan was held on Thursday, 16 November 2017.

The question asked was:

"Do you want East Northamptonshire Council to use the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Raunds to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

The Raunds Neighbourhood Plan recieved a majority 'Yes' vote in favour of the question. The official declaration of results and referendum documents can be viewed below:

The Town Council (Qualifying Body) has similarly published relevant documents, to support the published (Referendum Version) Plan.  These may be viewed through the Town Council’s own Neighbourhood Plan web page.

Neighbourhood Plan Examination

The Neighbourhood Plan Examination started on 19 May 2017, with the appointment of the Examiner. The Examination finished on 25 September 2017, with publication of the Examiner’s Report.

The following documents were prepared to support the Examination:

Neighbourhood Area Designation

On 28 August 2013, East Northamptonshire Council received a revised application from Raunds Town Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Plan area for the whole of Raunds parish, together with those parts of Ringstead to the east of the A45.  This represents the first stage in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

This application triggered a statutory consultation, inviting comments regarding whether the proposed boundary for Raunds was suitable for carrying out neighbourhood planning. This took place over a 6-week period, between 25 October and 9 December 2013, inclusive. Comments received were considered by the Planning Policy Committee on 12 Feb 2014, who endorsed the designation of Raunds Parish (together with the parts outlined above) as a Neighbourhood Plan area.

For general queries regarding neighbourhood planning please contact the Planning Policy team on 01832 742010.