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Neighbourhood Planning

Position Statement –Oundle Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Following the public hearing into the Oundle Neighbourhood Plan, which took place on 29th October I wish to formally update you of matters of interest that have occurred since the hearing.

Planning Applications proposing residential development at Cotterstock Road (130 dwellings) and St Christopher’s Drive (65 dwellings and 65 extra care units) were considered at the meeting of the Planning Management Committee held on 13 November 2019. 

In respect of the Cotterstock Drive planning application, whilst the relevant statutory undertakers were satisfied with the planning application and did not object,  it was moved and seconded that the application be deferred in order to obtain:

  1. A road safety audit of the access proposals as set out on drawing ITM14114-SK-006 Rev B;
  2. An independent assessment of the Transport Assessment and highway impacts of the proposed development;
  3. An independent odour assessment of the impact of the proposed development on potential future residents; and
  4. A review of the proposed drainage conditions to ensure that they are suitably robust

In respect of the St Christopher’s Drive planning application officers advised that due to additional information being received from the applicant following publication of the committee report, it was recommended that the application be deferred to allow time to consider the information.  

The Planning Management Committee agreed to defer the application to a subsequent meeting to allow officers time to consider additional information received about securing the provision of the extra care facility as well as information to address public transport matters.  In order to defer the application, the applicant has agreed to an extension of time until 20 January 2020.

Also for information, the recording of the minutes for the Planning Policy Committee held on 29 July 2019,which considered the Local Plan representations in respect of the proposed Oundle Housing site allocations, although accurate at the time Policy Officers reviewed them, were subsequently incorrectly published by Democratic Services. This led to ambiguity in their interpretation, relevant correspondence is attached. 

These will now be corrected at the next PPC meeting, which has been rescheduled to 17 December 2019.  However, the Council’s legal opinion informs that the incorrect recording of the PPC minutes has no material bearing on the officer recommendations set out in respect of these 2 planning applications.”