Shaping the future of Raunds

Raunds Masterplan

The draft Raunds Masterplan was subject to a period of public consultation between 06 December 2010 and 04 January 2011.  34 responses were received, and a summary of those responses was reported to the Planning Policy Committee on 24 January 2011.  A number of amendments to the draft document were also recommended in the report. 

Planning Policy Committee: 24 January 2011

The Committee resolved to approve the recommended amendments to the draft Masterplan subject to some changes.  The principle change requested by the committee was the deletion of the reference to sites of 200-300 homes being more likely to be viable.  This was considered to be too generalised, and instead, more detailed viability testing of sites will be undertaken in the development of future statutory policy.

An updated version of the report summarising the changes to the consultation draft is available to view here.  This summary also includes responses received after the close of the consultation period, which were not reported to the Planning Policy Committee.  For clarity, where changes have been made since the report was presented to the Committee Meeting, the text is shown in red.

Also available here is a summary of the of the tick box element of the consultation questionnaire, where people were asked to identify the extent to which they agree or disagree with the principles identified under numerous categories within the Masterplan.   

Final Raunds Masterplan