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Propose a site for a development plan

The planning consultation tool will assist us in the process of preparing future development plan documents for the area.

You can use it to propose how individual sites or areas may be used or zoned through the Local Plan Part 2 or relevant Neighbourhood Plan being prepared.

The map of known sites should be viewed in conjunction with the Call for Sites document and features the following;

  • Existing Development Plan Site Allocations
  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessement (SHLAA)
  • Strategic Employment Land Assessment
  • Previously submitted online site submissions (shown as points)
  • Rural Exceptions housing proposals
  • Emerging Neighbourhood Plan

The process of submitting a site consists of filling in the simple step by step form, providing key information including;

  • site name
  • site area
  • proposed or preferred use (e.g. housing)
  • known constraints (e.g. contaminated land)
  • contact details

The whole process should take around five to ten minutes. This information will then be automatically passed onto the relevant Town or Parish Council, or if a Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared their appointed Neighbourhood Plan working/ steering group and/ or Neighbourhood Plan consultant (where appropriate), and our Planning Policy and Conservation team

It must be emphasised that a submitted proposal does not mean it will automatically be put forward into the final Plan. However, consideration will be given to all ideas and proposals put forward through the planning consultation tool in accordance with our commitment to effective consultation as set out in our consultation strategy.

It is intended that this tool will function both as an informal online forum for putting forward site proposals and to assist with the formal statutory consultations which form part of the Emerging Local Plan or Neighbourhood Plan processes.

For further information, please contact the Planning Policy and Conservation team.

Tel: 01832 742010