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Design and planning permission

The appearance of a proposed development and its relationship to its surroundings are material considerations in determining planning applications.

Good design should be the aim of all participants of the development process, ideally this should first be considered by the designers and their clients.

The Design Officer

The role of the Design Officer is to enhance the quality of design in development within the district by

  • having input into local planning policy which concerns matters of design
  • providing advice on design matters in relation to applications for planning permission and pre-application enquiries

This will be provided in liaison with other planning officers and offered on major development schemes, developments of five or more dwellings or applications where there are significant design issues.

Building for Life 12

Building for Life 12 is the tool by which the design officer will work with applicants to collaboratively evaluate major development proposals and identify opportunities to improve or enhance a scheme where appropriate. The criteria identified and evaluated under Building for Life 12 directly relate to planning policy contained within the NPPF, the North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy, Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents.

Building for Life is also a tool used to (re)evaluate built schemes, in order that officers can consistently monitor and review the design quality of schemes being delivered, and identify opportunities to improve new proposals through the planning process where appropriate.

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