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Consultations, considerations and timescales

How long do we consult for and who do we consult?

Once an application is valid, we send out a series of letters to ask the local community and interested bodies for their comments on the application. The extent of consultations on planning applications will vary depending upon the individual proposal and will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Neighbours
  • Town/parish councils
  • Statutory consultees
  • Non-statutory consultees
  • Northamptonshire County Council
  • Internal teams/departments of the council

We also carry out public consultation on the planning applications we receive.

We ask consultees to respond to us within 21 days with their comments on the application.

Once the local town/parish councils are notified, they will consider the application at one of their regular meetings. They will formally respond giving their views on the application and stating whether they approve or object.

Available downloads:

What issues do planning officers look at when determining an application?

Planning officers can only look at certain things when determining a planning application; these are called material considerations.

See Viewing and commenting on planning applications for more information.

How quickly do applications get determined?

The table below gives the target times that we work to when dealing with different types of applications and enquiries sent to us.

Target timescales for applications
 Type of application
Target time we work to

Major applications which require environmental statements

16 weeks from validation date

Major applications which do not require environmental statements

13 weeks from validation date

All other planning applications

8 weeks from validation date

Listed building consent

8 weeks from validation date

Conservation area consent

8 weeks from validation date

Certificate of lawful development (existing and proposed)

8 weeks from validation date

Works to TPO trees

8 weeks from validation date

Works to trees in a conservation area

6 weeks from validation date

Prior notification application (Agriculture)

28 days from validation date

Prior notification application (Telecommunications)

56 days from validation date

Pre-application enquiries

20 working days

Is planning permission needed?

10 working days

Discharge of conditions

8 weeks