Do I need and will I get planning permission?

Do I need planning permission?

If you are unsure whether your proposed development work would require planning permission, please refer to the following guidance.

Guidance available on the web

The National Planning Portal provides guidance on planning permission, including interactive house guides.

Download a guidance leaflet

Download East Northamptonshire Council's guidance leaflet: Planning Applications for Householder - When you need permission

Will I get planning permission? Pre-application advice service

We strongly recommend you take advantage of our pre-application advice service which we provide here at East Northamptonshire Council. It is intended to speed up the planning process whilst providing information and advice as to whether or not an application is likely to be granted approval and highlight any potential reasons for refusal.

As well as general advice and comments on the proposal, particular issues with the development can be identified and taken into account. In this way, we can advise what information will need to be submitted with your application.

There is usually a charge for this service.

What information do I need to provide for the pre-application advice service?

As a minimum for pre-application discussions developers are encouraged to submit:

  • a site location plan
  • a description of the proposed works
  • sketch drawings of the proposal and layout
  • the correct fee

How much does the service cost?

Charging for pre-application advice will apply to the majority of proposals, however there are some exemptions. The fees in the charging schedule have been calculated based on an officer hourly rate.

To use the pre-application advice service

  1. Please complete the online form
  2. Make the correct payment using our online payment service.

We aim to provide a response within 30 working days.

Disclaimer: Any advice given by officers at pre-application stage is not a formal planning decision by the Council as local planning authority. We will give you the best advice possible, based on the information submitted. The advice will be offered without prejudice to any formal consideration of a planning application following statutory consultation. We cannot guarantee that any application subsequently received will be made valid or approved. However, pre-application advice should assist in helping prospective applicants ensure that all the necessary information, including the correct fee is provided.