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Do I need and will I get planning permission?

Do I need planning permission?

If you are unsure whether your proposed development work would require planning permission, please refer to the following guidance.

Guidance available on the web

The National Planning Portal provides guidance on planning permission, including interactive house guides.

Download a Permitted Development Self Assessment checklist

To help you with the most commonly asked questions we have produced a series of Self Assessment checklists. These have been designed for you (or your builder) to assess for yourself if a planning application needs to be made. 

These checklists are for your benefit and do not need submitting to us.

Listed Building Consent is separate from planning permission and will be required for work that affects the character or fabric of a listed structure. For further information please see our Listed builings webpage

Building Control and Building Regulations: Please contact Building Control directly to confirm whether an application is required under the Building Regulations.

Before commencing any works you are advised to check your deeds to see if there are any covenants, private rights of way, or other legal restrictions which would preclude the work being carried out.

Pre-application advice

Pre-application advice can speed up the planning process, advise if an application is likely to be approved or not, and highlight any potential reasons for refusal.


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