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Inspection of building work

Commencing works before the application is approved is entirely at your own risk.

Please ensure that you or your builder requests an inspection when work commences on site.

You must also notify us at various stages of the work as described below following the initial consultation with your Area Building Control Surveyor.

How to request an inspection

We offer next (working) day inspections, when requested online by 4pm Monday to Friday.

Request an inspection

Your project could require an inspection or mix of inspections at the following stages:

  • Excavations (prior to concreting)
  • Oversite (prior to concreting)
  • Drains laid (prior to covering)
  • Steelwork/beams
  • First floor construction
  • Roof structure
  • Pre-plaster
  • Insulation (loft conversions)
  • Occupation (if prior to completion)
  • Completion

This list is not exhaustive and may vary depending on the complexity of the work. Please note that a number of inspections can be carried out concurrently.

Your application will have a number of inspections assigned to it. The inspection requirements/regime will be agreed with you on commencement.

In the event that the number of inspections being made is disproportionate to the inspection charge levied, we reserve the right to impose an additional charge. However you will be informed of the likelihood of this before any such action is taken.

Completion certificate

We recommend that you ensure you have received your completion certificate prior to making your final payment to your builder. The completion certificate will be required for any future sale of the property.