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Outcomes of a building control application

We have to give you a decision within 5 weeks from the date you deposit your plans with us or if you are in agreement we can extend this time up to 2 months.

Possible decisions


We may approve your submitted plans as showing full compliance with the Building Regulations and issue an Approval Notice.

Conditional approval

We may approve your plans but subject to conditions, and issue a Conditional Approval.

Rejection notice

If you do not provide enough information for your plans to show compliance with the Building Regulations we may issue a Rejection Notice.

You may still start work if your plans have been rejected but should seek assistance from us before you commence.

You may also re submit (resubmission) your plans with no further plan charge payable.

Conditions and how to satisfy them

Conditions can be where some minor amendments or further information are required. They can also apply to an area where the plan maybe incomplete.

Conditions can be satisfied in a number of ways. Examples of these may be submitting further information or revised drawings or manufacturers details or actually on site via the inspection process.

If you don't understand why the conditions have been placed on your application and feel unsure how to go about satisfying them then it is important to speak to us - we will explain the reason they are there and what we expect to see from you to have them discharged from your approval.

We will notify you when Conditions have been met or you can request we send you a letter to confirm we have discharged the conditions from your application.

All the conditions on the application will need to have been met and verified by us for the issue of a completion certificate.

Please note we are not obliged to issue conditional approvals.