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Plan appraisal, amendments and resubmissions

After the plan appraisal

After the initial plan appraisal is complete you will receive one or more of the following.

Please note if you receive a rejection notice, if and when further information becomes available to us we will resubmit the application for you free of charge - this is known as a resubmission.

Amendment schedule

Following the plan appraisal (Full Plans application only) before we can issue you with a decision i.e approval, conditional approval or rejection you may be sent a list of queries - this is known as an amendment schedule.

The points on this list can range from very simple requests for further information or manufacturers details to more major issues where the proposal may not show compliance with the approved documents.

It is important you return the requested information to us as soon as possible or not later than 5 working days before the decision date in order for us to issue you with a decision or in some cases to discuss points responded to in more detail.

We will usually try to contact you a minimum of 5 days prior to the decision if we have not received an answer as a reminder.

Once this procedure has taken place a decision can be issued.

Please note if you do not reply to the amendment schedule within the time restrictions in most cases you will receive a rejection notice.


Should you receive a rejection notice you are entitled to make one fresh application at no additional charge provided the scope of work is unaltered.

If the information required by us on the previous rejected application is contained within the new application, it may then be possible for us to issue an approval notice.

The new application will be treated in the same way as the first application and will still be subject to the 5 week or 2 month (as agreed) decision deadline as before.

If the extra information requested is not provided on this submission we may continue to reject this new application also.

Resolving questions of compliance (determinations and appeals)

If at the end of the plan appraisal we cannot resolve a question of compliance with your proposal then the Building Act 1984 contains two procedures - determinations and appeals which provide for the Secretary of State to adjudicate in these disputes. These procedures can apply either where:

  • we say your plans for proposed building work do not comply with one or more of the requirements of the regulations but you believe that they do or
  • you believe that one or more of the requirements of the regulations is/are too onerous or inappropriate in your particular circumstance and should either be relaxed or dispensed with.


Please note the following process is not available for building work that is under a Building Notice.

In the case of the procedure in (A) above it may be appropriate for you to apply for a determination under either section 16(10)(a) or section 50(2) of the Building Act 1984.

Once plans have been deposited for approval under the full plans procedure and a question arises during our procedure as to whether the plans of the proposed work conform with the building regulations then that question can be referred to the Secretary of State for determination.

A fee is payable for a determination.


In the case of the procedure in (B) above you can appeal to the Secretary of State against our refusal to relax or dispense with the requirement of the building regulation in question under section 39 of the Building Act 1984.

You must lodge the appeal within one month of receiving notification of our refusal but unlike a determination the appeal may relate to either plans of proposed work or work already under construction or completed.

The appeal procedure can be used for a building notice as well as full plans.

No fee is payable.

Who may we tell and what do we refer to when carrying out the plan appraisal?

During this process there may be consultations with the following. This can take place before, during or after the plan appraisal.

Development Control at East Northamptonshire Council

Planning permission information

Structural Engineer

If you intend to make any type of structural alteration or add additional floors to your house or just in the general course of erecting a new extension or building you maybe required to provide structural calculations.

These are needed to justify that a new support is able to carry the increased load put on it by the proposed building work.

Once these calculations are received they will be forwarded to our checking engineer who will either confirm to us the details are ok or if modifications/changes are necessary they will make direct contact with your structural engineer for discussion and subsequent revision.

Although there is nothing to stop you from continuing your building work prior to these checks being carried out it is always advisable for you to have verification all is acceptable before going ahead.

Please note: If structural calculations are part of the construction design then their provision will be essential whether you have deposited a Full Plans application or have served Building Notice.

Environmental Health

Under the Building Regulations we are obligated to consult with the Environmental Health team on each application we receive which involves any type of groundwork activity.

The Environmental Health team hold all historical evidence on possible sites of contaminated land in our district - if the land on which you intend to build is linked to any of these sites you will probably be asked to provide an environmental assessment with respect to land contamination to the EH team.

There may also be requirements with respect to land contamination that will need to be agreed with the EH team and carried out on site - these will be observed by the Area Building Control Surveyor or by a member of the Environmental Protection team.

The subject of Radon has received a great deal of publicity. This gas is one of many naturally occurring ground gases that man has always co-existed with. However research has shown that where this particular gas is trapped in an enclosed area such as a building then it is possible that exposure to a concentrated level may be prejudicial to health.

New houses and extensions built in the district will require the installation of radon precautions against the possibility of infiltration by Radon into the building.

However the degree of precaution work involved does vary and you should establish the level required through discussion with the Building control section.

  • Land contamination
  • Radon

Anglian Water

If you intend to build over or within 3m of a sewer owned by Anglian Water (a public sewer) you may need written agreement from Anglian Water to do so. You are also precluded from submitting a Building Notice where this situation arises.

Access to public sewer records is available at the council offices in Thrapston between 9.00am and 4.30pm. However prior notice of this resource would be appreciated.

Anglian Water may specify certain conditions regarding the building work as part of the agreement and will require a fee to be paid.

The council will automatically inform Anglian Water when it receives an application that shows a proposed building or extension over or near a public sewer.

For more information regarding public sewers please contact Anglian Water.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

If you are proposing to erect a new commercial building or make alterations to an existing commercial building which may affect the means of escape or distance you need to travel to exit the building or intend on converting or changing the use of a building into one for public use where it was not before or are dealing with flats with common areas or houses in multiple occupation then a Full Plans application will be required so we are able to consult with the Fire Protection team.

We will carry out an appraisal of the deposited plans with Approved Document Part B1, Volume 2 - Buildings Other Than Dwellings and then forward the same plans and any comments onto the Fire Protection Officer who will then carry out their own appraisal with the same documents.

You will be made aware of any modifications that you need to make or that there is a satisfactory response from the Fire Protection team.

In some circumstances where a building maybe some distance from the main road and restricted access we may also ask the Fire Protection team for their comments or suggestions. Approved Document Part B5.

Part B can be viewed at

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency exists to protect the environment against potential threats such as flood and pollution.

If you intend to use any type of watercourse for the disposal of drainage, then you will need to make contact with The Environment Agency to obtain their agreement for you to be able to do so.

We will request a copy of this agreement prior to the issue of a completion certificate.

Equalities Act - access

Equalities Act advice

Although there is no plan appraisal with a building notice the need may still arise to consult with any one of the above bodies.