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Submission, receipt and validation

Upon receipt of your application we will check we have received the correct fee appropriate to the work proposed, we will also check the form to see it is completed correctly and signed. If any of the above are incorrect we will make contact with you by way of a telephone call or insufficient fee letter.

If there is a problem with the form or the fees it will make your application invalid until rectified so if you are making a full plans application you will delay the start of the plan appraisal procedure. We cannot begin this until an application is valid. If you are making a Building Notice application and need to make an immediate start you may also delay this.

The address of the location of work will then be checked with the Public Sewer records, Environmental Health, and Development Control. If there are any issues with any of these bodies concerning your proposal we will make contact with you as soon as possible to explain what they are and how they could affect your proposal and perhaps restrict the type of application you can submit.

Once all of the above have been satisfied and verified you will receive an acknowledgement letter explaining what to do when you are ready for your inspections, confirming who your area surveyor is and their contact details.

Full plans applications - starting work

If you have submitted a Full Plans application at this point the plan appraisal will start and we will notify any other bodies of the proposal. You may still begin work before this procedure is complete but are at risk of making alterations or demolishing work if problems are found at plan check stage.

Building notice applications - starting work

If you are submitting a Building Notice then providing you give the minimum 48 hours notice of commencement you are free to begin work.