Planning - Floods

Planning - Flood Risk

The risk of flooding is a key consideration in determining planning applications and in the selection and assessment of sites for development. The impact of flooding needs to be assessed both in respect of the risk of flooding to a particular proposed development and any increased risk of flooding to other areas from a proposed development.

The government have produced Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25) on development and flood risk. The aims of PPS25 are to ensure that flood risk is taken into account at all stages in the planning process to avoid inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding, and to direct development away from areas at highest risk.

In accordance with PPS25, a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been undertaken by the Council in order to inform the development of our Local Development Documents. Site specific Flood Risk Assessments will be required to be submitted with planning applications for development in areas of flood risk.

The Environment Agency has produced standing advice for England on development and flood risk issues which are relevant to the Local Planning Authority and applicants/agents.

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