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Public Access Planning Terms and Conditions

This page is currently being updated to reflect recent changes as a result of the implementation of GDPR.  Should you require further advice during this time, please see contact details on the Data Protection section.

Planning Application Retention Schedules

The Town and Country Planning Act requires us to keep some documents relating to planning applications indefinitely.  For all remaining documents, East Northamptonshire Council has a statutory requirement under the General Data Protection Regulations to ensure that we only keep data for as long as it is necessary and only if it remains accurate. 

In line with East Northamptonshire Council’s Retention Guidelines, some document types are removed from our systems after a defined period of time.  These guidelines are also applied to our internal systems; therefore these documents will no longer be available even if requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

Details of our Planning Application Retention Schedules can be viewed here.

Privacy Statement

East Northamptonshire Council's Privacy Statement can be viewed here.