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Significant planning applications

Direct access to application details for 'significant' planning applications.

Date received Address Alternative search terms Summary of proposal Status Reference number and link to further details
N/A Land adjacent to the A6 Rushden   Major Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) that will provide homes, job opportunities, schools, links to the Greenway and more. Strategic site allocation Rushden (SUE)  
N/A Land at Nene Valley Farm, Rushden   Land allocated for a mix of B1 (business) and B2 (general industry) Strategic site allocation Please see Joint Core Strategy Policy 35
N/A Deenethorpe Airfield
  Major development that will provide housing, employment, schools and more Strategic site allocation Tresham Garden Village / Policy 14 of the Joint Core Strategy
N/A Rockingham/ Priors Hall, Corby   Major development site (with a focus for employment development) which straddles both Corby and East Northamptonshire boundaries Strategic site allocation Policy 27 of the Joint Core Strategy  
26/10/2016 Land at End of Scalley Way, Raunds   Development of two distribution buildings containing B8 warehousing space with ancillary office, B1 office and research and development space (B1c) together with vehicular access from Warth Park Way and London Road, earthworks and landscaping including the creation of drainage features with green infrastructure and landscaping provision including along Meadow Lane Phase 3 approved 16/02119/FUL
12/09/2016 Oundle Marina Village, Barnwell Road, Oundle, Northamptonshire, PE8 5PB   Variation of condition 4  Plans pursuant to application 14/00675/OUT Outline to relocate business accommodation (B2) and replace with additional holiday accommodation (C3): Redevelopment to provide a mixed use scheme to include improved marina facilities, residential moorings, permanent floating accommodation (C3), 2 x pub/restaurant (A3/A4), retail (A1), business accommodation (B1), holiday accommodation (C3), boatyard, boat clubhouse, parking and associated infrastructure (all matters reserved) dated 24.07.14 Application Permitted 17/01398/REM
18/06/2013 Corner of A45 and A6 Higham Ferrers Bypass Higham Ferrers   Creation of a storm water balancing feature to support nearby residential development Complete 13/01073/FUL
18/06/2013 Land Between A6 Higham Ferrers Bypass and A5028 Station Road Higham Ferrers   Reserved Matters: Appearance, landscaping, layout and scale in relation to eighty eight new homes and associated works Complete 13/01072/REM
02/05/2013 Vehicle depot and adjacent land Kettering Road Islip   Site clearance including demolition of existing buildings and removal of spinney. Provision of new vehicular access, earthworks to create development platform, brook diversion and landscaping works (following grant of application 12/00417/OUT) Complete 13/00761/FUL
17/04/2013 Land South of Goulsbra Road Rushden Northamptonshire   Reserved matters: Details of access, appearance, layout and scale pursuant to application 11/01023/OUT Complete 13/00642/REM
20/03/2013 Darsdale Farm Chelveston Road Raunds Darsdale Reserved matters: Residential development at Darsdale Farm and Rushmere, Chelveston Road, with all associated highway, access and other infrastructure works' pursuant to application 07/02238/OUT dated 06.11.2012 Under Construction 13/00455/REM
07/02/2013 88A To 116 High Street South Rushden Northamptonshire   Erection of convenience store (A1) with associated parking and access works Complete 13/00208/FUL
11/01/2013 Rear Of Green Close Wellingborough Road Irthlingborough Northamptonshire   Outline: Up to sixty houses, public open space and associated access and other necessary infrastructure (all matters reserved) Due to start 13/00077/OUT
02/01/2013 Wood Lane Sawmills Wood Lane Kings Cliffe Peterborough Northamptonshire PE8 6YE   Reserved matters: Details of access, siting, scale and appearance of the two dwellings and the landscaping of the site pursuant to 06/01709/OUT and 09/01835/RWL: 'Residential development' dated 19.11.2009 Complete 13/00059/REM
19/12/2012 51 Victoria Street Irthlingborough Northamptonshire NN9 5RG   Demolition of the existing factory and proposed development of fourteen new dwellings with associated works Superseded 12/02037/FUL
27/10/2012 Old Station House, Midland Road, Thrapston   Construction of 156 dwellings with associated roads including site re-grading and landscaping Mostly Complete 12/01741/FUL
22/10/2012 A14 Bypass, Thrapston   Construction of earthen noise bund Complete 12/01742/FUL
28/09/2012 Herne Lodge and land, Ashton Road, Oundle   Demolition of 25 Herne Road, construction of 86 dwellings including conversion of Herne Lodge into four flats and associated works Complete 12/01614/FUL
23/12/2011 Land Adjacent Skew Bridge Ski Slope, Northampton Road, Rushden Rushden Lakes development Hybrid Planning Application comprising: Full application for the erection of a home and garden centre, retail units, drive thru restaurant, gatehouse, lakeside visitor centre, restaurants and boat house, together with proposals for access. Outline: application for the erection of a hotel, creche and leisure cub with some matters reserved (appearance). Plus removal of ski slope and associated site levelling, landscaping, habitat management and improvement works, vehicular access and servicing proposals together with the provision of car and cycle parking and a bus stop Phase 1 Complete 12/00010/FUL
29/11/2012 Land Between Oakleas Rise and A14 Midland Road Thrapston   Outline: Erection up to 75 no. dwellings and associated roads (some matters reserved) Under Construction 12/01957/OUT
08/08/2011 Cattle Market
Market Road
Supermarket, Super market, Sainsbury's, food store Demolition of existing livestock market, buttress wall and cold store and erection of a new food store (Use class A1) including car park, boundary treatments, associated highways access, landscaping, separate cold store and garage buildings and public realm improvements Lapsed 11/01234/FUL
05/05/2010 Land Between Wellingborough Road and Finedon Road Irthlingborough Northamptonshire Irthlingborough West Mixed use urban extension comprising residential development up to seven hundred dwellings (20ha), employment development within use classes B1, B2 and B8(7.5ha), land for the expansion of Huxlow Science College,(5.79ha), open space (8.9ha), and structural landscaping (10.3ha), and associated highway and drainage infrastructure including new roundabout junction on Finedon Road (A6)   Live 10/00857/OUT

What is a 'significant' planning application?

According to the 2013 'North Northamptonshire Statements of Community Involvement' a significant development is:

Where a proposal/application is deemed to be significant by the planning authority by virtue of being large in scale or otherwise locally significant (see below),

developers/applicants will be expected to undertake community engagement and involvement in drawing up their proposals. This will include town and parish councils

and any neighbourhood planning group. Developers/applicants will need to submit a ‘Statement of Local Engagement’ showing how they have engaged the community in

their proposals and how it has changed as a consequence. Planning applications deemed significant that are not accompanied by a Statement of Local Engagement

when submitted may incur difficulties in being registered as a valid application by the planning authority. Applicants should discuss, if they are unclear, with the local

authority if the proposal is significant. Developers and applicants should consider the benefits of involving the community in developing proposals and preparing schemes

even when the proposal is not deemed to be ‘significant’.


Large-scale developments: For the purposes of this SCI a large-scale development includes proposals for residential development of 100 or more

dwellings, or a site area of 3 hectares or greater where the number of dwellings is not known. In respect of other land the definition includes proposals where the

sum of the floor area within the building is 1000 m2 or the site area is 1 hectare or greater. Large-scale development applications are likely to require additional

community involvement if the proposal will have a significant impact on the area, or create significant public interest or controversy.


Locally significant developments: Some proposals that are not of sufficient scale to be defined as large-scale development may have a wider impact beyond

neighbouring owners and occupiers. This category includes any proposal that, in the opinion of the local planning authority, would alter the overall character of the

locality by reason of its scale, use or visual appearance. It also includes development on sites that are sensitive to development pressures such as

proposals for substantial demolition in a conservation area, or proposals for development next to a listed building.


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