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Customers are advised that the council’s planning application processing system is currently experiencing a number of technical issues.  As a result this is affecting the time scales by which the council can assess new and existing planning applications.  The council is working closely with our system service provider to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.  A further notice will be placed on this webpage when the system is fully operational.

PLEASE NOTE that due to a system upgrade, there is a change to how some planning documents from applications submitted pre-January 2014 are displayed.  Full details can be found here.

The majority of documents are currently available online for applications spanning the years 1975-1992, 2005 & 2009-2017. If you are looking for documents between these dates initially please use the online search facility. If your search does not return a response or is for documents outside of these years, they may be still available for viewing. Please complete this form with details of the documents you wish to see. 

If available, we aim to respond to you within two working days.  If your request is for multiple files/documents it may take up to 5 working days to process your request but we will action these as quickly as possible.

This does not affect procedures for information that was not previously available online.

Search for a planning application to view or comment on:

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How to comment on a planning application


  1. Find the application you'd like to comment on using the search options above
    Please note: application documents will be uploaded to the website within 72 hours of an application being placed on the website.
  2. Read all of the related notes, plans and documents
  3. Add your comments by clicking 'Make a public comment'
  4. Please note that you must create an account separate to your main ENC website login and be signed in before you can add a comment and that there is a 1000 character limit for online comments. For longer comments please use the email option.

Download a user guide for viewing and commenting on planning applications online

By email

Please send your comments to

Please ensure the application reference number is included in the subject line of your email.

By post

Please send your comments to East Northamptonshire Council, marked for the attention of Planning.

Please ensure the application reference number is included in your letter.

By visiting our offices

Current planning applications can be viewed using our computers, which are available at our offices:

If you would like to view a planning application that has been decided in person, then you can arrange that by contacting Planning Administration - email  or telephone 01832 742056.

Copies of written information can be made for a fee, however, it is important to note that once a decision has been made on an application we cannot provide copies of plans or drawings due to copyright law and you will therefore need to contact the original architect in order to obtain them.

Speaking at a committee meeting

If a planning application goes to committee, you can request to speak at the committee meeting.

Please note, not all applications will go to committee. If you are not sure whether a particular application will go to committee, please contact the Duty Planner on 01832 742225 or by emailing

How long do I have to comment?

Whilst we can receive comments up to the date we make a decision, comments should be submitted to us as soon as possible to make sure that they are taken into account in the planning officer’s report.

The dates that we ask for comments to be submitted by can be found on the letters we send you, the site notices displayed close to the development site and on the Planning page of the Nene Valley News.

Will my comments be made public?

Anyone can make comments on a planning application. You do not need to be a neighbour to the site to give us your views but they do need to be made in writing preferably by email, but by letter is fine, so that they can be posted on our website along with other all other documents relating to the application. Under the terms of the Access to Information Act 1985 comments are not considered to be confidential.

Please be aware that we cannot accept anonymous comments so you will need to provide a contact name and address on any letter or email you send us. All comments received will be available to view online minus your email address, signature, telephone number and address (your name will be visible unless you tell us otherwise) within 7 working days of receipt. We no longer acknowledge receipt of comments and we are unable to enter into correspondence about issues raised in your comments due to the high number of letters we receive. East Northamptonshire Council reserves the right to withhold publishing comments on the website if we deem them to be inappropriate or libellous. The comments are viewable under the External Documents tab in Public Access.

What can I comment on?

Only comments relating to certain issues (known as "material planning considerations") can be taken into account. Over the years, planning appeals and legal decisions have established that some matters cannot be taken into account in planning decisions. We understand that is can be very frustrating as there are many concerns that you may have about a proposal that we are not allowed to consider. As a planning authority we can only decide if an application is acceptable in "material" planning terms.

To help explain which issues are material planning considerations and which aren’t we have listed below some of the most common examples of each.

  • Accordance with relevant policy
  • Accordance with relevant advice
  • The number, size, layout, siting, design and external appearance of buildings
  • Impact on the neighbourhood of an area. Would the proposal harm the character or amenity of the area? Impact on the amenities of adjoining properties in terms of privacy, and daylight, e.g. overshadowing or overlooking. If you feel you have a 'right to light', you may wish to take private legal advice but this is not a matter that we can take into account.
  • The effect on traffic, road access and visibility, parking and highway safety.
  • The appropriateness of the proposed land use, e.g. the conversion of a house in a quiet residential street to a shop or restaurant.

Please note that comments on applications for Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent, must relate to the character of the building and the effect of the work to be undertaken. Likewise, on applications for Certificates of Lawful Development (Existing or Proposed) comments can only be made on the facts (evidence) of the case, not on its planning merits.

What won't be considered?

Unfortunately we cannot take 'Non Material' considerations into account, these include:

  • Whether the applicant intends to carry out the proposal. The applicant is still entitled to a decision even if they do not intend to proceed with the development.
  • Competition between similar businesses.
  • Cost of the scheme.
  • Loss of private views over other land.
  • Loss of the ability to maintain property.
  • The application is retrospective. If the development has been built without approval, we must look only at its planning merits, not that the developer has started without consent.
  • Moral objections e.g. to a betting office or an amusement centre.
  • Objections based on the race, age or sexual orientation of the applicant.
  • The effect on the value of property.
  • Rights or obligations contained in property 'title deeds'.
  • Conflict between neighbours. It is only necessary to establish whether the proposal would affect amenities and uses that ought to be protected in the public interest.
  • Compliance with other controls, such as Building Regulations and The Party Wall Act.
  • Duplication of other controls. If a matter can be controlled under other legislation, it should not be considered as part of the assessment process. This includes matters controlled under Environmental Protection legislation, litter, anti-social behaviour in public places etc.

Viewing planning applications prior to 1982

1971 & 1975 -1982

These records are available electronically, so please check online.  For some applications only limited documents may exist - in many cases only the decision notice.

Where at least one document exists online, no other documents are available.  If documents are available electronically, paper copies are no longer available for viewing.

If no documents are available online, please complete this form with details of the documents you wish to see.  If available, we aim to respond to you within two working days.  If your request is for multiple files/documents it may take up to 5 working days to process your request but we will action these as quickly as possible.

1948-1970 & 1972-1974

Information may be available in hard copy, but in some cases this will only be a decision notice and/or limited information or plans.

These files will be available to view at reception for a period of 15 working days only after confirmation of availability to the customer. Once this period has expired, a new request will be required to view files. 

Please contact our Planning Administration team - 01832 742056 or complete this form with details of the documents you wish to see.  If available, we aim to respond to you within two working days.  If your request is for multiple files/documents it may take up to 5 working days to process your request but we will action these as quickly as possible.