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Other forms of building control approval

Approved inspectors

You may choose an alternative to the Local Authority Building Control - these are independent inspectors to ourselves and are known as approved Inspectors.

If you decide to use an approved inspector you and the approved inspector must submit an initial notice, accompanied by a signed declaration that an approved scheme of insurance applies to the work.

The initial notice must contain;

    • A description of the work.
    • In the case of a new building or extension - a site plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250 showing the boundaries and location of the site.
    • A statement that the approved inspector will consult the sewerage undertaker where the work involves building over or near any drain, sewer or disposal main which is shown on any map of sewers kept by the sewerage undertaker.
    • A statement of any local legislation relevant to the work and how they intend to comply with it

    A list of approved inspectors can be obtained from the Construction Industry Council (CIC).

    Please note that if an approved inspector has been used in place of us then you will need to apply to them for your final certificate.

    Competent person schemes

    Competent person self-certification schemes (commonly referred to as competent person schemes) were introduced by the government to allow individuals and companies to self-certify that their work complies with building regulations

    Works which may be covered under the competent person scheme include;

    • Electrical works in the home
    • Replacement of windows and doors
    • Re–roofing work
    • Solar energy
    • Vented and unvented hot water storage system
    • Replacement of flue or flue lining, fireplace or chimney
    • Drainage or installation of new septic tank
    • Oil tanks 

    To find out more and to check if an installer is registered, please visit the competent persons website.

    Please note that if your installer is not a member of the competent persons scheme, you should contact us.