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Dangerous structures and demolition

We have the powers to deal with dangerous buildings to ensure that demolition or repair is carried out in a satisfactory, safe and controlled manner.

Dangerous structures

Dangerous structures may be dealt with in two ways:

  • We may apply to the Magistrates' Court for an order requiring the owner to make the building safe.
  • In an emergency the local authority may take action themselves and recover the costs at a later date.

It is the normal practice to discuss the dangerous structure with the owner long before court actions are considered to negotiate a satisfactory remedy.


Any owner who wishes to demolish a building has to serve notice on us of his intention to do so six weeks before work commences. The owner is responsible for ensuring that all services are being disconnected or satisfactorily capped off and that adequate precautions are being taken to protect adjacent properties.

Notify us of demolition work

We may require other works to be carried out i.e. shoring up adjacent buildings and weather proofing them if the need arises. The site must be then left in a safe condition with all demolition materials removed from site.

When we acknowledge your notice of intention to demolish a building we will also inform all the statutory undertakers i.e. gas, electric etc. In addition the owner should notify all adjoining owners.