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View building control applications and obtain copies of documents

Find out if any building control applications have been made for a property or find out information relating to a building control application reference number.

Please note that the information is limited prior to 1993.

Search for a building control application:

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Please see the user guide if you need help to use the system. 

If you need any help finding an application please contact Building Control.

Obtaining copies of building control documents

Copies of building control documents are available to the current owner of the property or someone acting on their behalf (e.g. solicitor).

Prospective purchasers or neighbours are only able to have access to the information which is available online. 

To obtain a copy of a building regulation approval/rejection or completion certificate you will need to write in either by email or letter confirming that you are the current owner of the property or act on their behalf and request copies of the documents.

Charges for copies of documents

Copy of approval/rejection/completion certificate where you quote the building control reference number of the application - £15.30 per copy.

Copy of approval/rejection/completion certificate where you do not quote the building control reference number of the application - £16.80 per copy.

PLEASE NOTE Applications with the suffix IN, INX or INDEX are works being administered by an outside body (eg. the NHBC or an Approved Inspector). Enquiries should be made of the seller/approved inspector as the council do not hold any records. The appointed Approved Inspector is available via the View Building Control applications page.

Applications beginning with CPS are competent person scheme notifications - Copies of certificates are not held by the authority and should be obtained from the appropriate competent persons scheme.

Pre 1986 applications

We have a list of these applications only which contains application numbers and descriptions. We are not able to confirm if the application was approved or if the works were inspected.

If you need confirmation of an application that was made prior to 1986, please email

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