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Rushden Sustainable Urban Extension

What is Rushden Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE)?

Rushden SUE is a proposed new development that will provide homes, job opportunities, schools, links to the Greenway and more. It’s to the east of Rushden and the A6 bypass between the John Clarke Way and Newton Road roundabouts


Where did the plan for Rushden SUE come from?

The North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (JCS), which was adopted in July 2016, identifies the east of Rushden as an area for future development. Take a look at Policy 33 and supporting text of the JCS for details.

Why do we need this development?

The district of East Northamptonshire needs more homes and jobs for local people. Major new housing developments like Rushden SUE mean that we can provide these new homes and local jobs in a planned way – avoiding the piecemeal developments that increase pressure on existing services in other areas of the district. This is about meeting the district’s needs and this area was identified as suitable for housing and employment by the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (adopted in 2016).

At a meeting on 17 July 2017, councillors agreed the broad vision and objectives for the Rushden SUE.

What will be on the site?

Some of the highlights include:

  • Around 2,700 new homes, including affordable housing and homes for the older population.
  • Employment opportunities, including offices and industrial premises as well as 2 local centres, small-scale business space and dwellings suitable for home working or business start-ups.
  • New schools for local education provision.
  • A new town park, open greenspace and play areas.
  • Land for a new cemetery and other local community facilities such as allotments.
  • New links to connect with the wider Greenway network.
  • An energy strategy to ensure that the highest viable amount of heat and energy used within the development is generated on-site from renewable or low-carbon sources.

Why do we need a masterplan?

To make sure that key issues are addressed before development starts. It will consider the following:

  • Connectivity between Rushden SUE, Rushden and Higham Ferrers.
  • Providing a balance of jobs and homes.
  • Providing quality open space, including natural and formal green spaces.
  • Providing a connected ‘grid of streets’ and a main street which links the roundabouts at John Clarke Way and Newton Road.
  • Providing a local/neighbourhood centre for a range of uses at an accessible location.
  • Providing sustainable drainage systems to manage surface water and take account of existing watercourses on site.

How can I have my say on what it will look like?

We have been working on a masterplan which gives a broad overview of what will go where (the location of specific land uses such as housing, employment, schools, green space etc.) as well as providing details on access and movement across the site, links to existing key infrastructure and how the site will connect with the wider area including the town centres of Rushden and Higham Ferrers.

We are ran an open consultation on the draft Masterplan from 10th February to 23rd March 2020.

A public exhibition was held at the Boathouse by Canoe2 in the Rushden Lakes retail centre on February 27th and 28th. The exhibition material was also displayed in Rushden library.

So what happens next?

Consultation on the draft Masterplan Framework Document (MFD) ran up until 16:30 on 23 March 2020.  In view of consultation feedback, legal advice was sought as to the best way to take the MFD forward.

Accordingly, so that the Masterplan aligns with the emerging Local Plan, it is proposed to incorporate the Masterplan into the Local Plan, which would also define the boundaries of the site and set out a policy for its delivery.

A public consultation will take place over six weeks, closing on 16 November 2020. To have your say, go to and select ‘Current consultations’ and ‘Local Plan Part 2’.

What happens after the masterplan is approved?

The masterplan will help to guide and inform the preparation and submission of a future planning application which will be determined by East Northamptonshire Council.

When will a planning application be submitted?

A planning application will be submitted when the masterplan has been approved.  The determination process will take a number of months and it is unlikely that the application would be determined until 2021 at the earliest.