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Drains and sewers

Sewage is removed from your property via a network of pipes which will be either in public or private ownership. Public or mains foul sewers are owned by Anglian Water and they are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of them. Problems with mains foul sewers should be reported directly to Anglian Water on 08457 145 145.

The network of sewers and drains which take sewage away from your home is part public and part private.

The large main foul sewers, normally under the road or pavement are owned and maintained by Anglian Water.

A private sewer is any sewer which is not part of the public sewerage network. Generally, the sewer coming from your house is privately owned by you and is your responsibility. You are responsible for those pipes within your property boundary that take wastewater away from only your home. Any pipes which do not connect to the Anglian Water system will also remain in private ownership.

However, if you connect to a pipe shared with your neighbours, that shared portion of pipe becomes a public sewer and the responsibility of Anglian Water.

Below are some useful leaflets:

If you are having issues with your sewer or drains you should contact Anglian Water in the first instance. The Council does not provide a drain clearance service. Should you require this service your house insurance may cover the cost of solving drainage problems; you should speak to your insurance provider to check this.