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Garden Waste Service

Garden Waste Service terms and conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions formalise the arrangement between The Council and the person registering for the Garden Waste Service (referred to as 'Householder'). If the Council needs to change any term or condition it will give the Householder at least one month’s written notice before doing this.

2. The collection service year runs for one year. Your renewal date will be one calendar year from the first day of the month following the receipt of your payment to initially join the scheme. Payments may be made in two instalments. The first is to be made upon joining the scheme and the second six months after the joining date.

3. The payment for the service is made annually, in advance. You will be notified of the renewal / payment date at least 20 days prior to payment being due, along with any change to the service rate.

4. Payment can be made via cheque, or with a valid debit or credit card.

5. Once an annual subscription has expired, The Council may recover its containers from the property. If the Householder re-subscribes within a six month period, a one-off delivery fee will be charged to the subscriber to cover the cost of redelivering the containers. This fee will be reviewed annually.

6. The cost of the service will be reviewed annually.

7. The Householder may leave the service at any time by notifying The Council on 03001263000. Upon leaving the service your container(s) will usually not be removed from the property. Should you require a container to be removed there may be a charge for this service.

8. Householders moving house within East Northamptonshire can take the containers and service with them. The Council requires 14 days notice of this so the service can continue from the new address.

9. Householders who are moving and do not want the service to continue at their old address must inform The Council, giving 14 days notice, and must present the containers for collection.

10. The service will operate all year round; except for a fortnight over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. The Council will give written notice if this period is altered.

11. During periods of exceptionally extreme/adverse weather The Council may temporarily suspend collections. No subscription money will be refunded. Notice of this will be posted on our website.

12. The Council has the right to withdraw the service and to remove containers if the Householder fails to make payment for the service or if the service is withdrawn. ENC will give written notice if the withdrawal is permanent.

13. Please note: details of all subscribers are held on a database to be used by The Council and its business partners for the issue of containers and collections. Any information held will be in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

14. Garden waste will only be collected from the The Council containers supplied.

15. Garden waste containers must be left at the agreed collection point for your refuse/recycling. Usually this will be at the boundary between your property and the highway. Containers should be presented by 6:30am on the day of collection. If the container is not presented by this time the crew will not return until the next scheduled collection day. They must be placed in a safe position without causing obstruction.

16. Householders use the containers at their own risk.

17. The collection service will normally operate fortnightly Monday to Friday according to the schedule provided by the collection Contractor upon your garden waste bin delivery.

18. The Council may occasionally need to alter collections, but will notify the Householder, where reasonably practicable, in advance.

19. During extended periods of exceptionally cold weather garden waste may freeze into the container preventing us from completely emptying it. If this happens it may not be possible to empty your container until the next scheduled collection day.

20. If we cannot collect your container(s) because the highway is blocked or impassable the collection crew will try to empty the container(s) again within 24 hours. If there is still no access to the container, the crew will return on the next scheduled collection day.

21. An assisted collection service is available for residents who qualify for an assisted refuse and recycling collection.

22. This service is only for household garden waste only. Commercial properties and activities are not covered by the service.

23. There is a limit of four containers per property. Additional containers up to this amount will be charged at the standard price per bin.

24. The containers remain the property of The Council at all times.

25. The Council may provide Householders with a suitably clean used wheeled bin, according to container stock levels.

26. Garden waste will only be collected loose, not bagged, from within the container(s) on the scheduled collection day.

27. Containers that are overflowing so the lid cannot be closed or are too heavy for the crew to handle will not be emptied.

28. Only plant material may be placed in the containers. For example, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, weeds, prunings, dead plants, twigs and small branches

29. The following items are not included in the service and must not be placed in the containers – wood/wood products, rubble, soil, plastic, kitchen waste (including vegetable peelings), or pet bedding and faeces. Further information on what materials are acceptable is provided in the information pack and this section.

30. A contaminated container (a container with any items other than those listed in the information pack) will not be emptied. The Householder must remove the contamination and present the container for the next scheduled collection.

31. If a container is regularly contaminated, The Council will contact the Householder to offer advice. If the contamination continues, The Council will remove the container and stop collections. No subscription money will be refunded.

32. Damaged and stolen bin(s) must be reported to ENC immediately. If a bin has been wilfully damaged whilst on the Householder's property, the resident may incur a charge for the repair or replacement. Damage caused by normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of The Council. If the bin(s) is stolen, on proof of reporting it to the police, ENC will provide a replacement at no cost to the resident.

33. To ensure that all collections are properly undertaken the contractor may make a visual record of incorrectly presented or non-presented containers to demonstrate the reason for any missed collection.

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