Recycling collection - green lidded bin

Collecting your recycling

The green lidded recycling bins are emptied fortnightly on alternating weeks to the refuse bin. Your items for recycling should be loose in this bin.

Do not place recycling in plastic carrier bags and place inside your bin. Your bin will not be emptied.

We collect a wide range of materials for recycling in this bin with no need to sort them yourself at home.

We would like you to recycle as much as possible and if you find the bin isn't big enough some weeks for all your recycling, we can provide clear sacks to place extra recycling in and present beside your recycling bin.These sacks are approved by the sorting facility we use and are the only ones we accept. Please note they must only be used to place recyclables beside the bin not inside it as the material must be loose. You can collect the approved clear sacks from our customer service centres.

What goes in the recycling bin?

Yes please:

  • Paper (newspapers, magazines, catalogues, junk mail and directories)
  • Plastic packaging (food trays, margarine tubs and yogurt pots)
  • Card/cardboard (including greetings cards)
  • Cans and tins (food, drink and pet food)
  • Plastic bottles (please remove lids)
  • Aerosol cans (please ensure they are empty)
  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Foil (clean please)

What doesn't go in the recycling bin?

No thanks, we cannot recycle these:

  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Plastic bags, wrappers and film
  • Food waste
  • Toys
  • Food and drink cartons (sometimes known as Tetrapaks)
  • Used tissues and kitchen roll
  • Clothes Unfortunately we are not able to recycle clothes and shoes in the green lidded bin. Please use a textiles bank or charity collection for these
  • Plant pots/trays
  • Other glass items such as drinking glasses, windows, vases, cookware (Pyrex/Visionware)
  • Batteries (by law any shop that sells batteries has to take back old household batteries for recycling)
  • Electrical items such as toasters, hairdryers, DVD players etc
  • Garden waste - this cannot go in either the green or grey lidded bin.  We can recycle this through our Garden Waste Service or you can take it to one of the County Council's Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Note: Wrapping paper, Christmas decorations and cards etc that contain mixed materials cannot be recycled. If they are made just of paper or card then they can be recycled.

Assisted collections

If you live in a household where there is no-one physically able to take your refuse or recycling to the curtilage of your property for collection, you can register for an assisted collection. This means that your refuse, recycling and food waste do not have to be taken to the boundary of your property with the public highway.  Instead they can be placed at an agreed location such as by the front door or to the side of your house.

Residents who register for an assisted collection must sign a declaration that they qualify for the service. East Northamptonshire Council may carry out checks to make sure claims made are valid. From time to time we will carry out an audit on our database to ensure it is accurate.