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Refuse collection - grey lidded bin

Grey lidded bin

Your grey lidded wheeled bin is for rubbish which cannot be recycled.  We will not take any extra bags of rubbish left on top of or beside the bin and the lid should be shut.

Your bin is emptied fortnightly, alternating with the recycling bin.

Find my bin collection day

You may like to label your refuse and recycling bins with your house number/name, this will help reduce the chance of it being taken by mistake.

What goes in the refuse bin?

Non recyclable waste including:

  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Cling film
  • Plastic bags
  • Crisp packets/sweet wrappers
  • Nappies
  • Sanitary products including used tissues and cotton buds
  • Cold fire ash
  • Disposable vacuum cleaner bag/cylinder contents
  • Plant pots/trays
  • Plastic film lids
  • Cat litter and other pet waste/bedding
  • Broken toys/housewares

What doesn't go in the refuse bin?

  • Anything that could be recycled in the green lidded bin
  • Green waste (grass, hedge trimmings etc). We offer a  Garden Waste Service  for collecting this or alternatively see the Northamptonshire Councils' home composter offer
  • Paint and oil cans that are not completely empty
  • Fluorescent tubes/low energy light bulbs
  • Rubble/soil
  • Hot ashes – let them cool down first
  • Pesticides
  • Electrical items and electronic equipment. Please use our separate weekly collection for smaller waste electrical items

Rubbish that goes into your grey lidded bin can be bagged if you prefer although it does not have to be. If you use the food waste recycling collection and tightly bag up items (such as nappies that might smell) your bin should not smell.

If you face difficulties with the size of the refuse bin, despite recycling as much as you can, perhaps you have a very large family, please contact us. We will assess each case individually.

Any rubbish that you put in your grey lidded bin will go a landfill site at a cost this year of about £70 per tonne - about £1.25M in total last year, so please recycle as much as you can.

The bins are the property of the council. If you move house, even within East Northamptonshire, you should not take your bins with you.

Putting your wheeled bin out for collection

  • Leave the correct bin for that week at the normal collection point of your property by 7am on collection day or after 6pm the evening before. During the summer we may start earlier to take advantage of the cooler mornings
  • The operative will return the wheeled bin to the point of collection
  • Please bring the bin back onto your property as soon as you can after the collection
  • Bins left out for long periods can encourage vandalism, they may be considered abandoned and be removed

Assisted collections

If you live in a household where there is no-one physically able to take your refuse or recycling to the curtilage of your property for collection, you can register for an assisted collection. This means that your refuse, recycling and food waste do not have to be taken to the boundary of your property with the public highway. Instead they can be placed at an agreed location such as by the front door or to the side of your house.

East Northamptonshire Council may carry out checks to make sure claims made are valid. From time to time we will carry out an audit on our database to ensure it is accurate.  

Apply for an assisted collection