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Commercial waste collection

A safe and legal way to dispose of your commercial waste

We offer businesses a way to safely and legally dispose of their commercial waste through a  pre-paid commercial waste sack service. This is done in partnership with our contractor.

For a fee (paid at the time of the order and prior to delivery), we provide orange sacks (1 roll of 25 sacks = £86.70) designed to safely contain waste.  The sacks have a capacity of approximately 90 litres, are clearly marked as being provided by The Council and can only be purchased from us.

There are no restrictions on how many sacks are used, provided they weigh no more than 10kg each and are put out for collection on your scheduled collection day by 9am.  If you don't want to put sacks out each week, you can just put them out as and when you fill them, provided this is on your collection day.

For customers disposing of cardboard, pre-paid binding tape is also available (1 roll = £60.50).  The cardboard boxes should be flattened and secured together in a bundle using the tape. The tape must be put completely around the bundle so that the ends meet making it secure for safe and easy handling. Alternatively, cardboard boxes can be flattened and put in our orange sacks.

What types of waste do we collect?

Typically, the commercial waste we collect consists of paper and cardboard, glass, plastics, small metal items, cans, biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste and mixed municipal waste. They will need to fit into the orange sacks (part from cardboard when you use the binding tape.

We do not collect hazardous or liquid wastes such as engine oil or cooking oil, acid, chemicals, paint, sharp objects or clinical waste so please do not put these items out for collection. If you have any unusual items for collection, contact us for advice on whether we can take them.  

How can I buy the sacks and tape?

Request Commercial waste collection sacks and tape

Order them over the telephone

Payment must be made with your order and the sacks and tape will be delivered to your business address within seven working days.  You will need to sign to acknowledge receipt of your order. You will then receive a Controlled Waste Transfer Note: Duty of Care and VAT receipt.

How much are the sacks and tape?

1 roll of 25 sacks = £86.70 

1 roll of cardboard binding tape = £60.50

Cardboard binding tape comes on a roll of 66 metres and there's a minimum order of one roll. One roll is enough for 44 bundles of cardboard to be put out, allowing 1.5 metres of tape per bundle.

The price you pay includes:

  • the cost of the sacks/cardboard binding tape,
  • the cost of collecting the waste from your business and
  • the associated costs of disposing of the waste for you and the annual Controlled Waste Transfer Note: Duty of Care paperwork.

Your responsibilities

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, as a waste producer, you have responsibilities concerning its disposal.

Firstly, you must ensure that the person removing your waste is either from a local authority or a licensed waste collection company.  You must also provide a written description of your waste to the person who removes it.  A Controlled Waste Transfer Note: Duty of Care must be filled in and signed by both persons involved in the transfer and you must package the waste in suitable containers so that it cannot fall out, blow away or escape from the receptacle.

If you use our commercial waste service please check that: 

  • all waste is properly contained in Council sacks
  • all sacks are tied and sealed 
  • cardboard is flat-packed and secured in bundles with East Northamptonshire Council cardboard binding tape
  • food waste is suitably wrapped to prevent liquids leaking
  • broken glass is never placed in plastic sacks
  • under no circumstances should the following materials be disposed of using your normal collection: oil, acid, chemicals, sharp objects or clinical waste
  • you do not obstruct the public highway with your refuse

Failure to comply with your responsibilities could mean you may be liable to enforcement action being taken for breach of Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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