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Air Quality

Air Quality Reports and Assessments

The Environment Act 1995 requires local authorities to review air quality in their district to assess whether defined air quality standards and objectives are being achieved and to publish their findings. Areas where standards fall short must be identified and Air Quality Management Areas declared in order to secure subsequent compliance with standards. The East Northamptonshire Area has no Air Quality Management zones in place.

When assessing air quality assessments submitted with planning applications or proposals that will increase traffic East Northamptonshire Council considers all relevant guidance in addition to the East Midlands Air Quality Network Guidance document for developers. Developers should consider this document in line with their proposals.

Below are the yearly reports that have been submitted to DEFRA in accordance with the legislation.

2021 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2020 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2018 Annual Air Quality Status Report

2017 Annual Air Quality Status Report

2016 Annual Air Quality Status Report

2015 LAQM Updating Screening & Assessment

2014 LAQM Air Quality Report

2013 LAQM Annual Progress Report

2012 LAQM Updating Screening & Assessment

2011 LAQM Detailed Assessment

2011 Annual Progress Report

2010 LAQM Annual Progress Report

2009 LAQM Updating and Screening

2008 Air Quality Progress Report

2007 LAQM Detailed Assessment

2007 Air Quality Progress Report

2006 Local Air Quality Management - Updating and Screening Assessment