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Gambling Licences and Permits

Gambling Premises Licence

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We grant premises licences to existing operating licence holders. Facilities for gambling can be made available on licensed premises. Premises that can be licensed for gambling include:

  • Casino premises
  • Bingo premises
  • Betting premises (including tracks)
  • Adult gaming centres
  • Family entertainment centres

Further Information

Default and Mandatory Conditions Relating to the Gambling Act 2005

How to apply

Download a premises licence application form and a notice of application form from the list below.

  • Send the licence application, plan of the premises, and fee to the Licensing Unit.
  • Send the notice of application to all responsible authorities within seven days of making your application.
  • Publish a prescribed notice of application in a local newspaper within 10 working days of making your application.
  • Publish the same prescribed notice of application on the premises, where it can be read by the public from outside. The notice must stay for 28 days, starting from when the application is made.
  • Fees and charges
  • Application for New Gambling Premises Licence

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