How to sign up to council tax online

5 step guide to signing up for council tax on-line

Step by step guide to signing up for council tax online

Step 1 - Register         

Registration - Create your account and request your PIN number.

Why the PIN?

It's good for online security. Posting the PIN makes sure that only the bill payer receives it.
It ensures that the person registering online is really you.

What will happen?    

You register and we send a PIN number by post to your address

Register now

You will need to wait for your PIN to arrive before moving on to Step 2.

If you have your PIN...

Step 2 - Putting in your PIN number 

You will need your pin number and your Council Tax account number from your bill.
Log in to the online service using the account details that you set up in Step 1.
Enter your account reference and your PIN.


The computer system will check that the account number and PIN match up. Only you will have both. The account number on your bill and the PIN we posted to the same address.

Move onto step 3

Now you've registered you can also receive your bills electronically.
When you select E-billing sign up, we'll ask you to confirm your email address.
We'll send you a message just to make sure that the email address you've given is right.

What happens then?

Click on the link in the email we sent you. This tells us that we're using the right email address and activates electronic billing. After that, whenever you get a new bill, we'll email you to say it's available to view online.

Move onto step 4

Your Online Services

There are a variety of services now available for you.    
View your account details including charges, discounts and payments
View your bills and other letters we've sent you
Receive your bills electronically
Set up a Direct Debit
Pay your bill online
Link more than one Council Tax bill to your online account.

Move onto step 5

Step 5 - All done!

Thank you for registering to use our Online services.

How does it benefit you and the Council?

Electronic Billing - Cheaper and Greener
Online Payment - Night or Day
Direct Debit - The easy way to pay
Account Management - check your bill and payments whenever you like