Waste collections today - 25 Jan

Due to the dangerous conditions of roads, there will be no waste collections today. These will now take place on Saturday. All collections from tomorrow will be as normal. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Council Tax Support

Changes in circumstances affecting your Council Tax Support

If you have a change in your circumstances you must inform East Northamptonshire Council, in writing as soon as possible, preferably within one month. This is because some changes will affect your entitlement.

It is essential to tell the council as quickly as possible because any changes that mean your Council Tax Support needs to increase can only be paid from the Monday following the date you let us know. Please also remember that if your circumstances change significantly there might be other benefits you are entitled to. 

If your benefit reduces as a result of a change, we will go back to the date your circumstances changed. If you don't notify us and you are overpaid your benefit you will have to pay this back.

Here are some examples of changes in circumstances that you should report to us within one calendar month:

  • Any change to the household income or savings
  • Your income support/job seekers allowance has stopped
  • A change to your address
  • If anyone joins or leaves the household
  • Any changes in your rent
  • Any absence from home - even a temporary one
  • Any hospitalisation of you or your partner
  • Any change in the tax credit you receive 

This list is not exhaustive - if in doubt please contact us and we can confirm whether it affects your entitlement or not.

For further information please se our leaflet Changes you need to tell us about.