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Discretionary housing payments

Introduction to discretionary payments

Every year the council is given a sum of money from Central Government to award Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) to people who need further assistance to meet their eligible housing costs.

DHPs are extra payments to help pay rent, Council Tax or both.  We give DHPs to people claiming benefit who need more help with their housing costs, if these are more than the amount of benefit they get.

You can only apply for a DHP if you are currently entitled to Housing or Council Tax Benefit. Contact for an application form.

How much you get will all depend on your circumstances.  We look at each case individually.  However, we cannot guarantee we will definitely give you a payment.  For housing benefit we cannot give you more than your total rent (less amounts for services such as electricity or water). And, for Council Tax Benefit, we cannot give you more than the amount of your Council Tax.

For more information please see our leaflet, 'A guide to Discretionary Housing Payments'.