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Equality Monitoring

What is Equality Monitoring? 

Equality monitoring involves the collection of information about customers and staff.   It is a very important part of tackling inequality and discrimination.  It will help us to check whether the services we provide are meeting the needs of all our local communities.  

By collecting monitoring information we will be able to provide evidence that we are reaching the people that need particular services and identify when we are not.  It can help us identify barriers to services and areas for improvement.  Equality monitoring by itself does not explain why a service is under or overused by some people.  It provides a starting point for highlighting issues.  This enables us to set realistic targets on how we can improve services to make them more inclusive.  

What is monitored?  

There are six types of personal information that we may ask you to give us so that we can adequately monitor how we provide services for you.  

  • your age
  • gender
  • whether you have a disability
  • your ethnicity
  • your religious beliefs
  • your sexual orientation (if you are over 16 years old)  

How do we use the information?  

The equality monitoring information that you give us helps us to:  

  • make sure our policies and functions promote equality
  • highlight any policies that do not comply with equality legislation
  • identify policies which negatively affect people from different communities
  • reveal discrimination
  • identify access issues and barriers to services
  • evidence the need for new or amended services
  • set realistic targets on how to tackle the issues
  • review service delivery
  • measure the effectiveness of service changes  

Do I have to answer the monitoring questions?  

No - It is important to be aware that you do not have to take part in the monitoring process but your answers will help us to monitor fairness and equality.  Any answers you give will not affect the service that you receive from the Council 

It will be a great help to us if you fill in our monitoring questions, but if you do not wish to complete all of them, the ones you do fill in will still be of assistance to us.  

All monitoring data is classified as personal data under the Data Protection Act and will be treated confidentially.  We will only use this information for statistical purposes.  

We are not providing the best service if we cannot show that we are meeting the needs of all of our residents and customers in East Northamptonshire.