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Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned, untaxed or nuisance vehicles should be reported to E.L.V.I.S - the End of Life Vehicle Impound Scheme.

The E.L.V.I.S partnership is a joint operation between Northamptonshire's Arson Task Force, Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire County Council and all the district and borough councils in Northamptonshire. When you report a vehicle you need the registration number, make and model, colour, location and the condition of the vehicle.

You can report an abandoned vehicle by:

Report an abandoned vehicle


10 ways to spot an abandoned vehicle:

  1. Does it look vandalised and/or fire damaged?
  2. Does it look unused and in poor condition?
  3. Has it been there and not moved for over a week?
  4. Is the vehicle taxed
  5. Are the wheels or petrol cap missing?
  6. Have parts been removed or damaged? (broken windows or flat tyres)
  7. Has it been parked or abandoned in an isolated or unusual location?
  8. Is it a known area for abandoned vehicles?
  9. Have you seen anybody use it or act suspiciously around it?
  10. It is full of rubbish/hazardous material/ combustibles?

Abandoned vehicles are often involved in or are the subject of crimes; they are hazardous to the public and the environment, encouraging vandalism and arson.

Research shows that the quicker abandoned vehicles are collected, the less likelihood of vehicle arson which means neighbourhoods are improved and there is a reduced fear of crime.  So don't delay, call E.L.V.I.S today to make Northamptonshire a cleaner and safer place to live, work and play.