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Fixed penalty notices

What is a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)?

An FPN is a notice served on an individual or business for an offence. If offers the recipient the opportunity to pay a fine for an offence within 14 days rather than being taken to court and prosecuted. By paying the FPN the recipient discharges their liability to conviction for the offence for which the FPN was issued.

How can I pay the FPN?

  • Online
  • By phone - 01832 742026
  • By cheque posted to North Northamptonshire Council, Cedar Drive, Thrapston, Northamptonshire, NN14 4LZ

Please provide details of your fixed penalty number and the offence you are paying for.

How long do I have to pay the FPN?

You have 14 days from the day the FPN was issued. 

Why did I get a FPN?

You were seen by an authorised officer committing an offence for which an FPN can be issued.

What offences can FPNs be issued for?

  • Failing to remove dog faeces
  • Not keeping a dog on a lead
  • Not putting, and keeping, a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer
  • Allowing a dog onto land from which dogs are excluded
  • Placing waste out too early for collection
  • For businesses who place waste out for collection without having the necessary documentation in place
  • Littered land
  • Depositing litter
  • Fly tipping

How much does an FPN cost?

The costs of the FPN depend on the offence and are listed in our published fees and charges document.

In certain circumstances (such as those on income related benefits), we will agree to payment by instalments. Please contact the us to discuss the issues and agree a payment plan. 

What if I don't pay the FPN?

You have 14 days from receipt of the Fixed Penalty Notice to pay the fine. If payment is not received within 14 days, we will refer the matter to the courts for prosecution.

What about children under 18?

Any child aged 10 or over can be issued an FPN. Children aged 10 - 15 will be given a warning notice for a first offence, and issued a fixed penalty notice for a subsequent offence. The warning notice and fixed penalty notice will be issued by post and a letter sent to the parents or guardian of the child.  Children aged 16 and 17 will be treated as adults and a FPN issued in the normal way.

Can CCTV footage be used?

Yes, to identify offenders committing offences and to provide evidence to support a prosecution. 

What if I disagree with the FPN

You can query an FPN in the form of a 'representation'. Representations must be made in writing and show the FPN was not issued correctly in law - for example, by proving it was issued to the wrong person. Representations are not considered on the basis that you didn't know the law, you didn't know the law was being enforced or it was the first time you committed the offence.


If you have received an FPN your only right of appeal is in a court. If you don't agree that you committed the offence, the matter will be dealt with as a prosecution in court. It will be up to the court, on receiving evidence, to decide whether an offence was committed and if a penalty should be imposed.

Who will enforce the legislation?

Officers authorised by the council can issue FPNs. This includes council staff, Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and wardens at some of the country parks and Stanwick Lakes.

How will the FPN be issued?

Either face to face or by post. The method used will depend on the circumstances.

What happens to the fixed penalty payments?

The payments are used for specific environmental purposes such as providing additional litter and dog bins.