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Senior staff - Job titles, grades and contact details

Latest available details of Senior Staff at East Northamptonshire Council.

Senior Staff Responsibilities

Senior Staff Job Descriptions


For all budget information including Heads of Service Budgets please see budget books.

Statement of Accounts

See the officers emoluments section of the Statement of Accounts for details of Senior Salaries (>£50k) and expenses.

East Northamptonshire Council pay grades

Latest pay grades information.

Organisational Charts

Latest service area structure charts.

Benefits and Bonuses

For details of bonuses and 'benefits-in-kind' at the council, please see sections 5, 11 and 12 of the Pay Policy Statement.

Pay Multiple

The pay multiple is a way of illustrating the council's approach to pay dispersion.  It is defined as the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings for the given year and the median earnings figure of the whole of the authority's workforce.

The lowest paid employee (excluding apprentices) will be paid at spinal point 2 of which the full time equivalent basic pay rate is £17,711 (£9.18 per annum.

The Council does not have a formal policy on the ratio between chief officer remuneration and its other officers and does not favour the adoption of introducing numerical targets for the multiple.  The median pay ratio for 2019-20 is 2.39. This ratio will be monitored each year within the pay policy statement.  

For further pay multiple details see the Pay Policy Statement.