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Officer decisions

As well as making decisions as a Council or in committees, councillors at a meeting can also delegate some decisions to officers, either to provide a timely response or to enable more detailed consideration of aspects of the final wording of a policy or statement. A record of the outcome of decisions that have been delegated by each committee can be found on our Democratic Services Agenda Page.

Councillors have also agreed that other decisions can be regularly taken by officers. A list of the types of decisions that are delegated can be viewed in the Scheme of Delegation in the council’s constitution. Some of these delegated decisions require consultation with specific councillors such as the relevant ward member or Chair of a Committee to ensure that any local concerns are adequately addressed before the decision is made by the officer.

You can view the following officer decisions by using the links below:

Planning Portal:

Here you can find decision reports relating to:

The determination of applications to develop land or buildings. Reports are produced for decisions delegated to officers in a similar way to those determined by Development Control Committee. on outline, reserved matters full and listed building consent applications and certificate of lawful development.

Development Control Enforcement and Stop Notices, including s215 notices and High Hedge Applications

Conservation Notices 

Officer decisions for the following can be found here.

Building Control Applications:

This page covers:

  • Delegated decisions in relation to Building Control applications
  • Building Control Enforcement Notices including dangerous structures and demolition

Community Right to Bid:

Decisions relating to nominations and appeals for Assets of Community Value made by the Executive Director and Chief Executive.