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Economic Development and Tourism Strategy

Economic Development Strategy 2017 - 2020

This Economic Development Strategy expands on the vision in the council’s Corporate Plan of working with our communities to sustain a thriving district through the priorities of  'Regeneration and economic development and  'Sustainable development'.

The strategy provides a framework that sets out how we will contribute to the economic growth of the district over the next three years during a period of greater opportunities (and challenges) include development of the Oxford-Cambridgeshire Corridor and Brexit.

The priorities for the strategy to enable the delivery of sustainable job growth that will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for residents whilst enhancing the quality of place and securing prosperity in the local economy are:

  • Invest East Northamptonshire – secure and deliver strategic sites and infrastructure to support growth and help  jobs growth exceed housing growth
  • Generating Quality Places – drive town centre revitalisation 
  • Nurture Business Growth – deliver quality accommodation, business support and ensure council services and assets  are aligned behind the economy
  • Increased Tourism Spending and Job Creation -  along the Nene Valley and in our rural areas
  • Boosting the Skills Base - of local businesses and communities in the area

For further details view the Economic development strategy 2017 - 2020.