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Online forms: Order commercial refuse sacks and cardboard binding tape - A

This form has 4 pages

When putting out commercial waste for collection, please check that:

  • all waste is properly contained in ENC sacks  
  • all sacks are tied and sealed 
  • cardboard is flat-packed and tied in bundles with ENC cardboard binding tape
  • food waste is suitably wrapped to prevent liquids leaking
  • no broken glass is put in plastic sacks
  • the following are not included in your collection - oil, acid, chemicals, sharp objects or clinical waste
  • your waste is not obstructing the path or street 

The charges for this service are as follows:


 Current charge

 1 roll of 25 sacks


 1 roll of cardboard tape


If you choose to pay by debit/credit card, please make payment at the end of this form which will complete your order.

If you choose to be invoiced and you are a new customer, sacks and tape will be delivered once payment has been received.

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