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Online forms: Apply for council tax single person's discount

This form has 3 pages

If you are the only adult occupier aged 18 or over living in your home you can apply online for a 25% single person's discount.  If you have a partner or other person who normally lives with you and they are living away or are temporarily absent, you will not be entitled to a sole occupier discount. If you're unsure, please contact us on rv@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk or 01832 742007 before completing this form.

We'll use the information you provide to process your claim and may also check some of the information with other council departments, the Valuation Office, credit reference agencies, other councils and other organisations as allowed by the law.

You must tell us within 21 days if you're no longer entitled to claim this discount. If you knowingly claim a discount to which you are not entitled, you may have to pay a £70 penalty.

You will need your Council Tax reference number (starts with 70) to complete this form.

When you go through the form, don't use your normal 'Back' button to return to an earlier question. Use the 'Previous' button at the bottom of the page you are on.