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Council Role

We are here to help your business grow safely and legally.

We are the authority that regulates:

  • - Food businesses
  • - Planning permission
  • - Licensing
  • - We collect Business Rates in East Northamptonshire

You must contact us if you are planning to work with food – preparing, serving, or handling – please email our Environmental Health team with the subject – ‘Help me startup my food business’. Our Environmental Health officers are on hand to advise and guide you right from the start – this could save you £££s, and help you avoid fines later on. We prefer to help you get it right.

You must get in touch if you are planning to work with animals – either keeping, breeding or selling. Please email our Environmental Health team with the subject ‘Help me startup my animal business’. Our officers have a wealth of experience in supporting local businesses working with animals, and can help you plan confidently right from the start..

You need to contact us if you are planning to making changes to an existing business premises, or building a business premises. This includes changing the signage at the front of the business, and changing the use of the premises. Please email our Duty Planner service with the subject ‘Planning advice to help me startup my business’. We can advise on whether permission is required, and offer guidance on the best way ahead.

Business Rates – you do need to tell us if you are starting a business from a dedicated business premises. If you are a small business, you may be eligible for Rate relief which could mean your bill is reduced. For more information , please see the Business Rates page.

Working from home?

Many people startup a business successfully from home – however it very much depends on what you are planning to do, and what facilities you have.

Please email our Business Account Managers to check whether you need more advice.

Confused? Our Business Account Managers can help make sense of this – just get in touch. There is no charge for contacting them.