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Document downloads - Councillors, democracy and elections

The following document downloads are available for download. Downloads in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

MS Word and Powerpoint files can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

Available downloads

Household Voter Registration Form

Overseas Elector Application Form

Service Voter Registration Form

Brigstock PC 2008

Chelveston-cum-Caldecott PC 2007

Denford PC 2007

Hargrave PC 2007

Higham Ferrers Chichele DC 2007

Higham Ferrers Chichele PC 2007

Higham Ferrers Lancaster DC 2007

Irthlingborough John Pyel DC 2007

Irthlingborough John Pyel PC 2007

Irthlingborough Waterloo DC 2007

Irthlingborough Waterloo PC 2007

Lyveden DC 2007

Oundle DC 2007

Oundle PC 2007

Oundle PC 2008

Prebendal CC 2007

Prebendal DC 2007

Raunds Saxon DC 2007

Raunds Windmill DC 2007

Raunds Windmill PC 2007

Rushden Hayden DC 2007

Rushden Hayden PC 2007

Rushden Parish Poll 2009

Rushden Pemberton PC 2008

Thrapston Lakes DC 2007

Thrapston Lakes DC 2008

Raunds Windmill PC 2006

Notice of Parliamentary Election May 2010

Notice of Election - Oundle 27 May 2010

Statement of Persons Nominated - Oundle 27 May 2010

Notice of Poll - Oundle 27 May 2010

Election Result - Oundle 27 May 2010

Raunds Windmill PC 2010

Oundle PC April 2010

Election agents 2011

Glapthorne June 2011 - Notice of Election

Glapthorn June 2011 - Statement of Persons Nominated

Whistle Blowing Policy

PCC election notices

PCC Submission of Election Addresses of Candidates to the Police Area Returning Officer

Thrapston Market Ward By-election - July 2013

Notice of Election

Decision Notice

Powerpoint for candidates & agents - elections 2015

Candidates standing for the district election 2015

Candidates standing in town and parish council elections in East Northamptonshire 2015

Higham Ferrers Neighbourhood Plan Area

Oundle Town Council Notice of election July 2016

Notice of Chelveston-cum-Caldecott referendum

Notice of NCC election 2017

Statement of persons nominated for election - Prebendal 2017

Statement of persons nominated for election - NCC 2017


Referendum on the neighbourhood plan for Glapthorn area

European election 2019 results for East Northamptonshire

Complaints 2019

Postal Vote Application Form

Election notices for Town and Parish Council Elections

Election notices for Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Election


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