Emergency advice

Preparing for an emergency

Visit www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/emergencies for details of how to prepare for an emergency so everyone in your house or community knows what to do.

Who to call when there is an emergency?

To report an emergency, call 999.

We operate an emergency out of hours service to provide response to serious environmental health related incidents such as deaths in the work place, food poisoning out breaks and major pollution incidents including noise events. To do this, call 01832 733530. This service is managed by an external company called Apello, who will answer your call as soon as possible.

During an emergency

For the latest information and advice on what to do when an emergency happens:

  • Tune into local radio or television
  • Check your local emergency services and council website
  • Check your local emergency services and council social media channels

Community Risk Register

At a time where so many different types of emergencies could happen, it is important that risks are considered. This is calculated by considering the likelihood of an emergency happening against what the impact would be. To find out more, visit the Northamptonshire County Council Community Risk Register

If you have a question about emergency planning in North Northamptonshire , email safetyresilienceteam@kettering.gov.uk or call 01536 534489.

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