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Road markings and signage - Street name plates

Street Nameplates - New Developments

It is the Developers responsibility to install new street nameplates on a new development (residential and/or commercial). Once a nameplate has been installed, and the road has been formally adopted by Northamptonshire County Council, it becomes East Northamptonshire Council's responsibility to maintain.

Street Nameplates - Replacement of damaged/missing

To report a missing/damaged street nameplate please contact the Amenities Team on 01832 742032 or e-mail FM@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk

It would assist us if you could provide the following information:

  • Location of missing/damaged street nameplate
  • Description of the problem, e.g., street nameplate obscured by graffiti 
  • Your name and contact details (in case we need additional information)

Upon receipt of a notification that a street nameplate is missing/damaged we will arrange for our contractor to attend and carry out the necessary repairs as soon as possible (where items need to be ordered from our suppliers this may take a few weeks).

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